So far I'm very pleased with the bat; looks and feel great; will keep you updated on performance. Delivery was better than estimate (1day before)

Tim Green

As promised the bat arrived on time and my son was very happy. No homers yet but is hitting the ball a lot better with his new bat. Thanks for the great service.

Mark Hayden

Hi, I recently purchased a combat b2 off of you and would just like to thank you for the quick service I got from you. I ordered the bat and had it delivered to me in for working days even with a glitch in the mailing address. Thanks again, if I need any thing else you will be the first to get my business.


I just would like to say Thank You, The B1 is da bomb. My son has really enjoyed swinging it. The performance on the bat is proven at the plate. Recently, My daughter wanted the Morph FP and after a breakin period the ball flies. Great job.


Thank you very much Tony, Your kindness and honesty has earned you a new customer! I will place my order tonight!

Mike Waalkes

Tony, My son Josh had a walk off grandslam last night with your bat!!

Jason M. Potter

Thank you Tony. It was a pleasure doing business with you! You mentioned that you did this to simply have inventory for your team. Are you going to continue selling Combats in the future? The local store that everyone goes to here is less than helpful. They like East*n, a lot! You told me more about Combats in our 5 minutes on the phone than anyone has ever. I would like to continue buying from you. Thanks again!

Henry Bullock

Coach Tony, thank you for the great service!!!! My name is Henry and you put my card through manually thank you. my son is on vacation in Florida with grandparents and I am surprising him by putting it in his bat bag!!!!!! My son is 11 he plays on a town team and 2 AAU teams, we travel to Rehobeth Beach, Aberdeen MD (Cal Ripken Complex)often and we are going to myrtle beach this summer and Cooperstown in 2011, you be sure I will be recommending you to anyone who needs a new bat or for team sales also!!!! Thanks again.


Wow!!!!!!! This bat really pops! Many thank you sir! It's really a great bat, my kids almost hit the ball like a man lol!


Great doing business with you! It's fine to leave the bat at the door. we will definitely spread the word about your site!

Sharon D. Guerra

Thanks. Our bat arrived in two business days in great condition. We will certainly do business with you again.

Jordan Jacobson

Got my new bat and it looks like it should be illegal. Got to use it Tuesday in our first Juniors playoff game and ... lead the game of with an opposite field homerun. Thank you.

Paul T. DuPhily

Tony, thanks for the honesty and willingness, we got the bat and have taken your advise and decided to keep it. We will see how the B3 Gear turns out and looking you up when we decide to purchase one. Thanks for the response and I look forward to your reviews. You will see many more orders from me as well as my colleagues and friends.


Your customer service is outstanding! All future purchases of bats by me will be through you, and I will recommend you to all the teams parents. Thanks, bat just arrived...

Larry Rankin

Thanks and Love your bats—this will be my sons 2nd COMBAT.

Mike Cooper

First of all let me say the service I received was next to none! My son loves the bat, he just could not get over how big the sweet spot was. When he first picked it up he could not believe how light it was, compared to how big it looked. We took it to practice and everyone was, like OMG! that is a huge bat! Then they felt of it and loved it. He did great during batting practice that day, just driving the ball. It was great! Can't wait until this weekend to see what he does during the tournament. Thanks for the GREAT SERVICE!


The Joyner boys from Okeechobee, FL enjoyed a triple play for Christmas with 3 new bats and 3 new Tshirts! Thanks so much for being so helpful to us and quickly sending the new bat. Our son Nick was so excited with his Christmas present. It was of course the best one! Hope you and your family have a wonderful new year!


Talk about an ad for the bubba.  
Perfect product placement. Lol.

He hit 3 dingers that day.  



You made my daughter a very happy girl!!! Oh my daughter loves Combat. I will be putting in an order for a 34/24...


Great! I will pass the word about your great prices and service!